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Why Woosim

Woosim's competitiveness comes from the result of
continuous R&D and well-planned investments.

R&D : Scope and Directions

Performance Improvements
The first mobile printer with auto-cutter in the world, Patent to remove paper jam with only one button, More power due to 20 step motor, Two kinds of lever type(left-handed & right-handed), Mobile printer & Label printer with Inkjet
Value Creation Printer Technologies
Smallest foot-print size , Rugged design (IP54), Multi-tasking printer(both label & receipt)
Basic Research
Research into materials, algorithms and standardization(CE, EMV, PCI etc.)
Eco-friendly Research
Recycling of components

Why Woosim

Woosim Systems is proud to offer a very simple, competitive and aggressive partner program. This overview is intended to identify our goals, expectations and policies in working with our partners. Woosim does not consider partnerships only with temporary potentials. The longer, the more beneficial. There will be a lot of great possibilities out there with Woosim.
Flexibility and Scalability
Woosim is the only player in the industry to produce a variety of printers, ranging from 1 inch to 4 inch printers.
There is a wide choice of selections with various options including colors, IC card reader and etc.
Multiple-market Opportunities
Wide range of industries and applications in manufacturing, retail, logistics, healthcare and law
enforcement Exclusive Partner Discount Structure
Special benefits for the exclusive partners-More differentiated & competitive discount structure as annual growth of scales commitment. Guarantees additional profits for stocking quantities.
Promptest Customer Service
10 day turnaround target for warranty repairs.


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