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CEO Message

Welcome to Woosim systems.
I'm Lee, IL BOK, CEO of Woosim Systems Inc.

Since 1994, Woosim has gotten over number of difficult situations and now we’re eventually called as the largest No. 1 mobile printer manufacturer in Korea. We have led the field of “Mobile printer”, taking credit for our high-technical skills in the world in the meantime we have tried our best to invest in technology and research developments for complete customer satisfaction.

Since we developed the first subcompact-mobile printer, we now have a wide variety of printers such as mobile, compact panel, POS, kiosk printers and our own mechanisms with the originative-core technology ourselves. We export our printers to abroad over 80 countries and provide for rapid changes of the international situation.

Customer service is our No.1 priority. We have a 3 day turnaround target for warranty repairs. Also Woosim's competitiveness comes from the result of continuous R&D and well-planned investments. We closely analyze the market situation in the world, and the industry by concentrating on the development of eco-friendly and customer-oriented printers featuring innovative technologies. At Woosim and with Woosim, there will be a lot of great possibilities.

Thank you.

Woosim Systems Inc.


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