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Field sales and service

Mobile printers are used to print receipt or barcode labels
in wide range of field service applications.

It is the ideal solution in many industries
like direct store delivery, door-to-door sales,
product repair service, inventory tracking
with handheld devices, where delivery
notes or receipts need to be produced.
Improve Efficiency
Mobile systems keep field technicians connected to company and customer in any place. Immediately, it improves the way of service management. "Knowing precisely where their assets are at any given moment makes our customers very happy."
Speed up payment process
Field service engineers or technicians can collect payments onsite with Mobile POS and print receipts. With fast print speeds, technicians can spend less time printing at each customer location, and visit more customers.
Expand selling capabilities
With wireless connection like Bluetooth or Wifi, nowadays transactions can be done anywhere like catered events or pop-up shops and receipts can be printed also on site with mobile printers. You can expand your selling capabailities with mobile printers.

Recommended printers

  • 2 inch Rugged
  • 2 inch Semi-Rugged
  • 3 inch Rugged
  • 3 inch Semi-Rugged


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