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Transportation & Logistics

With our compact and fast printers, we have provided a
perfect product for transportation & Logistic industries.

We developed our printers based on international
payment standards to provide easy integration and
assured compatibility. From cooperating with data
collector companies, we have a long history of providing
customized payment solutions for busses,
taxis, and railways.
Improve Efficiency
By secure payment processing and fast printing solutions, it helps drivers stay on schedule. Also with fast print speeds, drivers can spend less time printing at each customer location, reducing accidents.
Speed up ticketing process
Passengers time can be saved by selling tickets in train using mobile printer. It reduces the passenger interruptions and increases the convenience to their every trip.
Improve Productivity
Help improve warehouse worker productivity, increase accuracy, and complete transactions faster. The time savings and labeling accuracy benefits can be applied to many common warehouse processes, including receiving, cross docking, quality control,picking, and shipping.

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